Copying Weight Painting (3ds Max)



I’m new to rigging, and I need help figuring how to mirror or copy my weight painting. I know how to copy my enveloppe, right.

For example, I painted weight on my right arm, and I want to copy that to my left arm. Same thing for each fingers and the leg.

Is it possible in 3Ds Max?


I guess you are already using skin modifier? Go to sub object mode, in “mirror parameters” rollout press “mirror mode”. With buttons found in this rollout, you can mirror both envelopes and vertex weights from left to right.

Hope this helps!


Ugh, yeah, I tried this yesterday, but my mirror ends up very far from my model, and I whatever I put into Treshold, I don’t ever get each side completely.

I’ll take a screenshot later to explain.


You should have done reset xform first, and then apply skin modifier


What would it have done? I’m kinda new to this. As I understand this, Xform would have resetted all my coordonates?

Can I do this after I applied Skin?


You might want to have a look at my third DVD which covers Skinning and all the pitfalls that most people run into.

You can reset the model even with skin on top of the stack. First you will have to center the pivot of the character. Second reset the xform. Drag the xform mod below skin and colapse to on the xform. In the skin modifier turn off and then back on Always Deform and make sure that you are at frame 0.


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