Copy/Pasting animation keys interpolation woes


Hi everyone,

I’m having a really hard time(line) in Maya right now… I’m just to set up some animation holds. I have absolutely all my fCurves set to linear but I just cannot figure out why that when I copy an existing key and paste it a few frames later, it will interpolate to that key using spline interpolation rather than linear.

And yes, I do have ‘new tangents’ set to linear in Maya’s preferences.

Any tips?


That’s strange. Does it still do it if you middle-mouse-drag+key to copy the key instead of using copy/paste?



Hmmm… interesting… I do not think it is applying spline interp though. I think it is literally copying and pasting the keys and their tangents. I’ve never noticed this happening before, but I can see how it would be useful to have an option to only copy the key values and to then apply the new key rule for tangents.



I’m not quite sure how to achieve this… The only way I know of copying/pasting keys straight on the timeline is using copy keys and paste keys :confused:


Just go to the frame with the pose you want to copy, then hold middle-mouse button and drag in the timeslider. While holding MM the animation will not update so you can just drag to the frame you want to copy to and hit ‘S’ to record the same pose on that frame.



Im having the same problem here…
I’ve tried to copy /paste keys from time slider, graph editor and dope sheet… and the only way I got it to work right was with Horganovski tip (copying with MMB).

Either way, it would be nice to copy / paste keys with the other methods… any more ideas?

Thank you all!!


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