Copy paste UVs from one object to another


Hi all,

I’m trying to copy paste UVs across two objects with similar topologies. One way is to copy and paste the Unwrap UVW modifier:

addModifier sourceObject(Unwrap_UVW())
copiedUnwrap = copy sourceObject.modifiers[1]
paste targetObject copiedUnwrap

The issue here is that the modifier is pasted, but the custom Unwrap layout isn’t. Another option is to run the save command from the modifier:


However, this opens a dialog, and there aren’t any options exposed to specify a path.

Appreciate the help. Thanks


Or more simple just selected 1st object with the correct uvs and with CTRL select the second object (the one you want to paste the uvs) and run this code:
NOTE that this is available only for the 1st UV channel.

if selection.count == 2 then (
	channelInfo.CopyChannel $[1] 3 1
	channelInfo.PasteChannel $[2] 3 1

from the mxs help: ChannelInfo.CopyChannel node channelType channel