Copy + Paste Keyframes and Curves > Post Infinity > Cycle result in different pose



I have an ant walking cycle in 7 frames. Frame 1 is the same as frame 7. Only the z translation is changing because the ant is moving.

When I try to extend the walking cycle in the graph editor with Curves > Post Infinity > Cycle I start to get different weird poses after frame 7 for example in frame 9 etc. But not all six legs are in a weird pose, a couple seem to be right. Also when I copy paste directly keyframes the same happens(for example frame 2 to frame 9). I am new to this process. Any explanation, hint what and why goes wrong?

Many thanks.


See if your start pode and end pose are same so it finish the cycle.


thanks for pointing this out, the start and end pose at frames 1 & 7 respectively have the same pose.