Copy of Odd Nerdrum Painting


This is a copy of a painting by Odd Nerdrum “Woman With Doorknob” – a painter I’ve admired since college.

Please let me know what you think.

Photoshop, more hours than I care to admit…

Thanks :slight_smile:

REBECCA KIMMEL’s Anatomy Review


It’s definitely an interesting piece! I would say that you should also post a copy of the Odd Nerdrum painting for comparison and for a reference point.



You are absolutely right :slight_smile: I will try to post a comparison scan later tonight.

Thanks for the post :slight_smile:



Looks good, although I would recommend cutting back your usage of the smudge tool.


hmm, whats wrong with using the smudge tool?
I am not being sarcastic, by the way. I really want to know why you say that.


I liked the colors and the final out put. But i didn’t get the expression on face, may be because of eyes.


oooooooh! looks quite in oil paints great work.


Thanks NOOB!

appreciate the comments. BTW, I checked out your WIP painting, you should post a B/W view in the Anatomy Review thread I’m running ~ stay tuned for the more advanced / muscle - related stuff.



Great work! But to say something helpful, the nose sticks out a little, I would work it a little more into the face, looks a little comic-ish with that extremely red nose…


Good comment! I will try to work on this a bit later. In the meantime, check out my Anatomy Review thread :slight_smile:



nice piece so far:). my only thing is maybe below the nose could use some shadow.I agree with StarlightGloom, wait to see the reference;). keep up the great work and I already check your anatomy review thread. Thanks for sharing with us:thumbsup: ,Rebecca!!


Ohhh!! really nice piece so far, can’t wait to see more.


Androgs, skurai,

Thanks for the comments! I hope to get back to this piece soon :slight_smile:



hey! cool copy- I think odd nerdum’s work gets pretty heavy with the paint, really emulating rembrandt- I’d suggest faking the effect optically by going a little crazier with the brushwork as it goes to the highlights.


very nice, i would like to see the original just out of curiousity…:thumbsup:


Here’s the original, courtesy of 0.48secs worth of googling. ‘Woman with doorknob’ by Odd Nerdrum.

Odd name, isn’t it?

Rebecca, I really like the way it’s going so far…keep it up! One change I would make is that the color of the nose is very different to the rest of the face, maybe make it a little orangey and colder in color.
Also, the left sclera looks much greyer than the right (our right.) Aside from that, it is going really well and I love the area below the bottom lip!! Keep going! :thumbsup:


Thanks, guys for the posts chuckle yep, with the Anatomy Thread going on, I’ve gotten kind of caught up…speaking of which ~ paperclip! Where are your posts! :slight_smile:



try working in soft and hard light modes, in my own experience they are best for acchieving that realistic feeling of “deep skin” luminosity


thanks, Nebezial, I will try to get back to these as soon as I can! Been pretty busy with the Anatomy thread ~ but I need to get crackin’! :slight_smile:



No updates? :cry: