Coordinates of the selected rendering sub-region in mplay


I am trying to output the coordinates of the rendering sub-region (selected with the mouse) in mplay. I know they are displayed, but I need to get them sent out to somewhere - a file or terminal, I can manage the rest once I have the numbers somewhere.

I could not do it directly from mplay. I tried using ports via imdisplay, but once I load an image into mplay through imdisplay, the mouse selection does not work any more. I think in later versions, you can use ports directly within mplay, but I do not have access to that. I just wanted to know if getting mplay to output those coordinates is possible at all, or am I chasing a lost cause? All suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

PS. As a last resort, I will try doing the region selection in maya, getting the coordinates and feeding those to Houdini, but I am hoping for a slightly more straightforward solution.


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