CoolWebSearch...I hate you!


Dammit, i just spent the last 2 hours cleaning my machine trying to get the little pest out!, seems to stick its grubby little fingers in everywhere from toolbars to registry to start pages to pop-ups! And ive got the worrying sence it gunna raise its ugly head again…



I got this f*cking problem too… And the easiest solution was (and still is I do believe) CWSshredder. Do it all! Download it for free at :


yep did all that, think ive held it back for a while…

anybody else got this little problem…?



Eek I really feel your pain and I can only pray for you now. I hate that crap sooo F**king much. They should make it illeagal for compaines to be able to automatically load stuff on your comp via internet. That kinda stuff just makes me want to find the nearest programmer and beat him with a rusty metal pipe.


Not to sound like a finatic or anything …

But your best bet after you kill it is to stop using IE

Use somthing like FireFox, you wont reget it.


These things use the possibilities (vulnerabilities) that Internet Explorer is giving them to do this. Switch to a better browser (I use Mozilla myself) and you are free from these invasions.


I spent the better part of a morning two weeks ago, clearing a metric assload of spyware just like that from a coworker’s computer. :argh:


modzilla/firefly mmm i might just do that. Its the fact that they do it on the fly that annoys me, and that they dont provide any kind of removal. And the evilness of spreading 50 or so files into the deepest regions of my machine… right royally screws my machine.



Yep, Mozilla or Firefox: no browser hyjacks, no spyware installs through banners and no unwanted popup-windows (and a whole host of other security stuff). In addition you get tabbed browsing, better bookmark management and with Mozilla an integrated download manager (I don’t think it’s available in Firefox yet, but it will come).

Like pgp_protector said: you won’t regret it.


Yup, Mozilla, the best internet related decision I ever made!!!


just got firefox,mmmm very nice me like the tabs thing. never going back to ie.



Adaware does a good job removing Cool Web Search, and it should only take 15 minutes to run instead of 2 hours. Just make sure you have the most recent definition file.


Wow, Firefox is a bit of a revelation. VERY cool. Especially love the tabs and built in pop-up blocker, but my favourite has to be opening multiple sites in one go when you launch it. Don’t know why I didn’t try this out before.


WHAT, HEY!, HOw!! tell me, how i do that!!!



Just type:||

Basically just keep typing in as many as you want, putting a “|” in between them.


Open the different sites in tabs, go to bookmarks, bookmark group. You can set a default group in your preferences to open up when you start it.


you can get rid of coolwebsearch easily, but not through adware or spyblaster

this is a specific app that get’s rid of it, and patches your system

I actually don’t mind IE I haven’t had any problems with it in a very long time (since I got rid of the coolweb bullsh*t that is)


Adaware’s definition file was updated in early July to catch CWS.


Someone knows how to remove from my browser?

Everytime I type a url it takes me to and when i click on the result it opens a blank window.
Ive tried everything CWShredder, hijack this and many others cant seem to find the cure… does someone know?



i got firefox now…seems interesting!!..