Cool things in Modo no one knows!


incrementally controls global brightness(Gamma?) of not only modo, but seems to control monitor brightness as well. shift+alt+c puts it back. Still not sure if i got it back to where it should be.


Alt+C? That’s a cutting tool isn’t it?! :eek:


control+c is copy, alt+c is loop slice and shift+alt+c is nothing.

It sounds like someone is finding hotkeys for their video driver.


Is there anyway I can can change it so that mmb selects things in raycast mode and RMB selects thing on the back of an object? Becuase that would really help my workflow.


I love Modo and the original LW… Anyway… I READ THIS WHOLE THREAD to make sure nobody had mentioned this… Also this is going to help because alot of you are bickering about the “clumsy” trackball rotation… Its the BEST I swear… Here is the A-Ticket…

When your just moving your cursor onto the 3d modeling screen inside Modo imagine their is a big umm Trackball or just a ball inside of the screen with its center being in the center of the model if you hit A… You can grab the ball at any point 3d-like and rotate it like its a ball… imagine grabing a ball on its side… It’s gonna spin like a bitch… Instead of side replace with balls outter realms… or edges even though their are none. Anyway if yuou grab the ball in the perfect center its going to be sensitive also… imagin trying to rotate a ball from its center… Way Doable BUT WAY sensitive… Now for the really cool part. “G”

it re-centers this trackball where ever your cursor is inside the model screen… its 3d like too and it will take a minute to get it down but I promise you’ll love it or your truly ignorant.

Note for Modo Guys… — Ever since YOU KNOW WHEN you all have been writing the LEANEST-MEANEST-COMPACT-COOLEST code around… I remeber PORTS for everything back in the day… You all know when… A sun micro still would be cool but still not affordable so NIX that… Either way its’ the truth and people are so wrapped up in softwares appearance-wrappers to appreciate it. I remember a killer modeler you all made that was roughly 500+K and was ported galore… I’ve always been impressed and this aint no fanboy-crap. Then again an SGI port would be nice so I can dust off my '99 Oynx… Yeah rete…:smiley:


The faster you move your mouse during this, the faster the model will spin. :wink:


Hold the tool’s hotkey and perform the action,release and you’re back in selection mode.


Hi there, I’m starting to use modo from a Lightwave background, and I was wondering: does anyone know if modo has a tool that works the same way as LW’s bandglue? Thanks.


Ok it’s been a whilesince I’ve been in LW modeler, it’s already starting to fade from memory. Bandglue just removes an edge loop, if I remember. So in modo, select the edge loop(s) that you want to remove and hit the backspace to remove them. don’t delete them or the polys will go a way too.


Thanks for the quick reply! Yah, that works really nicely :slight_smile:

I kept thinking that bandglue is for fixing 2 rings of polygon and didn’t relate it to edges (LW doesn’t really have edge tools - not literally), so all the polygon tools in modo didn’t work out the way I wanted with bandglue. Guess I still have a lot to learn with modo. Currently, it feels like a great modeling software and really fast to pick up.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I think that may be the hardest part of moving spacificly form LW to Modo, is that they are so similar in so many ways. But once you start to understand the diffrences, you start to unlock some of the most powerful parts of Modo. Always glad to be of help.


Aye, you’re right on that point! This is the 2nd time I’m trying out modo. I still feel more comfortable modeling in LW at the moment but I want to give modo a try. I’m still fighting with some tools on modo, so I’m now trying to find out the tools that I used most often in LW and trying to map them to similar hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. I hope that I can work and learn modo at the same time without struggling too much this way :smiley:


Is it worth the price …?

What do you guys think?

How easy is it to learn compared to Silo?



Is it worht the price hell yeah! especialy right now it’s $299 (if you have one of the other packages that they are giving the discounts for) I wish I had waited, but I’m glad I didn’t. How easy is it to learn? well that is much harder to answer. I have used Lightwaves Modeler since the day it came out, and it is very similar. So needless to say I just stepped into it very comfortably. your experiance may very. :thumbsup:


I like it better than Silo and it’s worth it to me for the workflow.



How easy is it to learn compared to Silo?

That depends on you but in my case it was a matter of minutes to get used to and the rest came by itself so I find it very intuitive(THE most intuitive of both).

I’m not going to comment on silo because it just didn’t ‘click’ with me.


thank god, i almost uninstalled :slight_smile: who the hell works with this on?


I’m a huge fan of TRACKBALL rotation (along with many many others). Like I’ve said many times before, it’s awesome because of the CAMERA ROLL control. (ie. just have your mouse at the very border of teh screen when you’re ALT-LMB dragging and it will roll the camera.) It’s priceless once you learn how to use it all… I use the FRAME SELECTED command or the GO->TO command to tell modo what I want to rotate around, and I’m able to rotate it around my geometry at EVERY angle I ever need.

Oh, and nobody I know uses the little camera control buttons in the top righthand corner of the viewports.


um. alias doesnt have those 3 icons. its cinema4d that you are thinking about.
in alias maya you use alt+mouse buttons.


I guess I approach the 3d view differently. I can’t tell much difference between the two if I’m really in the zone while modeling. I usually keep trackball rotation on though.