Cool things in Modo no one knows!


To make a tube pretty fast, you can use the Torus Primitive:
Set the segments to 5 and the Bulge Top to an extreme high value.

Bear in mind that the top of the tube will only be an approximation. It won’t be visible to the eye, but no perfect 90°. You can fix that by setting value of the vertexes, wich can still be alot faster than making you own tube.



Haven’t gotten my docs yet so ya’ll probably know all these things.

  1. when drawing a primitive draggin w/ right mouse button up/down and left/right increases/decreases segments (used to have to arrow in Modeler and post-edit in Maya, so it’s cool you can do it on the fly)

  2. and this is really neat b/c I did it by accident. ‘0’ on the numeric keypad maximizes your viewport (like in LW) - but you can hit ‘0’ on ANY viewport to maximize it. I did this on vertex lists on accident and boom - full screen. Pretty cool.

***this is really usefull w/ command history if you have a smaller monitor - hover over the little command dialog on the lower right of the standart 4 port modo layout and hit ‘0’ - your command history comes up fullscreen.

  1. drag and drop an image from explorer right onto a material and it automatically brings up the UV widget and assigns the image to the material. again, did this by accident while assigning a backdrop to the viewport. cool



Material Control not in the default material editor.

Try this, Open up your material editor (F4)

Split the Material Properties viewport (hold ctrl while left click and drag down from the thumb)

So now you’ll have two Material Properties viewports.

On the title bar of one of them, right click and select “Texture Properties”


Selecting open ends quickly…

One of the programmers showed me this recently…

Create a Unit Box, Select and delete one of the faces

Without anything selected, hold down the control key and select “convert to edge boundry” (edge select button + ctrl)

modo has gone through and selected all of the open ends on your model. Excellent for quickly selecting any open holes on your model.

On top of that…

Create a unit sphere, select a dozen or so poly’s all over the model (make sure that no two are touching)
Ctrl-X to delete them

Without anything selected hold down ctrl and hit the edge selection button

All of the borders around all of the holes have been selected.

Hit “p”

Wee little time saver…


That’s cool!
Thanks Dion! :thumbsup:


Yeah, and in addition, you can then Alt+Polygon click to convert the edge boundary selection to Polygons, then use Spikey (with a value of roughly .065 based on the Unit Sphere) to “replace” the points you previously deleted. :wink:


my macro script will fake poly cage method in modo. basically you will have half polygon model half subd model in the same view (mirrored). you will be able to do vertex and edge operations, deform operations etc. only draw back is that you cannot select any polygons and work with polygons. this is a cheat method not an implemented feature by luxology as far as i know. it works because due to the way symmetry handles objects in modo, i think based on coordinates of vertices. that is why you cannot work in poly mode. but you can use element tool or drag tools etc on polygons without hesistation as far as i know. just do not select any polygon and aply operations and assume that it will appear on other side. actually you can work on polygons, just you need to select both sides manually if you want to apply lets say bevel, in theory bevel will create equal vertices in each side

it wont be like other softwares implemented features like mayas. but it is pretty good start, and can be cool to use it at least once in a while to check out your model in shaded cage model. well if you do not like it you can just enable wireframe cage anytime anyways

make sure that you have half of the model ready to go, and you have just one half and it should be in subd, if not otherside will appear as subd. great thing about this is that, you can just press tab and otherside will become opposite :slight_smile:

i came up with tthe idea because there were alot of people on the board wanted such feature, i am hoping this one came close

and this works base on symmetry x

if you want other axis, manipulate the macro, or record one for yourself

select.symmetryAxis “off”
tool.set “actr.pivot” “on”
tool.set “poly.mirror” “on”
tool.setAttr “center.pivot” “cenX” [0 m]
tool.setAttr “center.pivot” “cenY” [0 m]
tool.setAttr “center.pivot” “cenZ” [0 m]
poly.convert “face” “subpatch” [1]
select.symmetryAxis “x”


If you create a copy of your “Record Macro” button and put it into “Modo Modes” you will now have an easily accessible record button, but more importantly, it will be [color=orange]lit while you’re recording[/color]

  1. In Form Editor, expand the Quick-Access Popover (by click the little tri on the left)
  2. Click the Tool Properties > right click select Duplicate
  3. Drag this newly duplicated Form out as a independent Form.
  4. Click-pause-click to change the name, lets say ‘Numeric panel’
  5. Change the attribute properties Style to ‘Default’
  6. F2 Key Editor in Commands tab under Popover Forms, double click the ‘Numeric panel’ map a hot key for it. Bingo!




I would like to know how to do this, please! It’s hard to work like that :slight_smile:


eh? in LW you dont need to go all the way to the upper right of the viewports to rotate, pan or zoom… you hold down ALT to rotate, ALT-SHIFT to zoom and ALT-CTRL to pan…

and Maya has a key setup for that as well

Modo is makes it more refined in a way and hopefully we will see more of a progression to a Wings3d/Mirai workflow where all you need is the mouse to rotate, pan, and zoom :slight_smile:


Wait, I’m confused. What I meant was, when I set modo up to use MAYA style controls, it’s almost the same except for when I hold Alt+LMB to rotate around the model, it rotates in a weird way in which it’s hard to keep the floor grid strait. I want it to be able to rotate and tumble around the world plane, but when I simply tumble around the mesh, it’s hard to get the camera to be strait again. Sorry, I suck at explanations.



some of u could be used to Maya or Lw rotating and Panning workflow, . as for rotating i like also the z brush way to do it, especially for working into a single view. holding shift and rotate the mesh with mouse towards right or any orthogonal direction turns the view to be ortho. very handy and fast way to switch between views in a single viewport. :slight_smile:


It’s at the bottom of the second “pill” menu in the viewport.


[QUOTE=markbrown]…and if you’re in select mode you can press and hold a tool hotkey to temporarily activate the tool, when you release the key (after making an edit) you will be returned to select mode again.

now, is there any way to do this without holding the key? like in other apps, so:
if you’re in edit mode and click outside manipulator you temporaily switch to selection mode, and then it comes back to edit mode.

so just like what maya does, for example.


how do you do something based on selection ( scripting wise. ) like if i have a “polygon” selected, do this… if its a vertex… do this…if edge…do this… etc.

im trying to make a mirai context menu for fun, thats why im asking. only thing im missing is this, and the ability to customize the mouse buttons for the menu. like if i left click i will get so and so option… if i right click i will get something else… if i press ctrl+lmb i will get something else still. oh. and the ability to have the menu dissapear right after i press a button. so i dont have to enable a tool… go out of the menu… and then use the tool in the viewport ( sometimes i still have to activate the tool after the menu ). not the most intuitive process.


locking polygons-selections that you wont modify during the modelling session is going to improve your speed alot , depens on how much you lock , but it helps me alot in subd mode


Going back to how the trackball rotation system works:

A friend of mine didn’t know that if you’re ALT-LMB-dragging vertically on the very far right hand side of the 3d viewport, it will spin the viewport, so you can actually spin the window to how you want it.

I’m totally addicted to trackball rotation, but if I didn’t know that feature existed, I’d probably hate it as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

(and of course, you don’t have to be dragging on the right hand side of the window OR vertically, you just have to be dragging along the outer edge of the window… I was only saying that so I could make sure you’d be doing it right in the test you’d perform…)


You can drag images directly from web pages and drop them into the background of your models!


The Default UV Relax is based off of the length of the edges in your model, so if you find that Relaxing is not smoothing out your UV’s, try and scale the Physical model down to 10% of it’s original size and Relaxing again!