Cool things in Modo no one knows!


Here’s a tip on how to make a nice image viewer for reference images:

  1. set 3d view to front and wireframe
  2. go to view properties and disable all display options like show vertices, cages, guides, etc. down to show selection outlines. leave independet ceneter, scale and rotate on.
  3. choose any viewport scheme color that has a bkg You like or create own with preferences panel and set this scheme for the vp using view/viewport color scheme.
  4. put the image You want as a backdrop by dropping in into viewport from windows explorer.
  5. now pan and zoom Your reference image :slight_smile:
  6. save viewport as a preset like “reference view” by right clicking on viewport thumb (dot in top left corner) and choosing Save Viewport As.


also wireframe color needs to be set to none

thnx for the tip Pazur


if you are e.g. in rotate mode and press and hold the mousebutton for this mode you temporarily switch to the select mode.
if you release the button you automatically switch back to the rotate mode :smiley:


…and if you’re in select mode you can press and hold a tool hotkey to temporarily activate the tool, when you release the key (after making an edit) you will be returned to select mode again.

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shift-tab for old lightwave style metanurbs. but this mode wont show up ngons properly, basically you will see holes if yuo have ngons


space tool if for changing selection modes

“Q or q” is for dropping operation

i read some post , seemed like people were confused about this. but if you want you can use space for dropping too


Unlike Delete, Backspace will remove Edges without affecting neighboring geometry.

Ctrl+Backspace will Collapse any selection.

If you have geometry selected, holding the Alt while clicking on the Vertices/Edges/Polygons selection buttons converts the current selection to which ever mode you. i.e. if you select a bunch of polygons then hold down the Alt key you will notice that the all selection buttons above the 3d viewport except the Material will change to say Convert. if you click on the Vertices button then all the vertices connected to the current poly selection will be selected.

If you have Polygons or Vertices selected, holding down Ctrl while clicking on the Edges selection button will select the boundary edges of the current Vertex or Polygon selection.

Holding down Shift+Alt while clicking on Vertices/Edges/Polygons will add the selection conversion to any previously selected geometry of the same time.

It is not necessary to deselect a current selection to make a new one. Simply select the new geometry. Modo will automatically clear the old selection first. This may not be obvious to Lightwave users.


Hitting the + and - keys after hitting TAB will increase and decrease the subdivision level.


Ok I was about to make a feature request then I found this in the refrenace Docs:

In any color swatch, 3 numbers are displayed, each between 0 and 1. These represent RBG values. You can click and drag on any of these numbers directly to modify the color, which is displayed interactively in the background of the swatch as you move the mouse.

Holding down ALT during this operation allows for additional color navigation:
ALT + LMB: left-right movement = brightness
ALT + LMB: up-down movement = saturation

But I seem to have a bug of some sort:

ALT + LMB: left Right movment OR Up down Movement = Saturation.
CTRL + LMB: left Right movment OR Up down Movement = Hue.
But nothing I did seems to effect Brightness.


type this one in command window or press F5 and paste there

openURL “



Shift adjusts the brightness.

– Joe


if u switch to maya navigation like me and when u press alt + LMB the viewport still rotate like lightwave/modo default/ go to the top of the view and press the button near the perspective button / in my case is “shaded”/, then uncheck the TrackBall Rotation.Everything is cool now and u can rotate the view like maya - max style.


/ = Wireframe None
Ctrl + / = Wireframe Colored
Shift + / = Wireframe Uniform


(Numeric Pad) / = Wireframe None
Ctrl + (Numeric Pad) / = Wireframe Colored
Shift + (Numeric Pad) / = Wireframe Uniform

/ alone equals turntable



Thanks Joe I’m finding that the answers to my questions are offten right under my nose.



For all the people watching their model spin around :slight_smile: That is the “/” on the numeric keypad.

Thanks for the tip Triton


I’m personally a fan of Wobblevision, or as it is more humbly known, Oscillate. Select it from the “options” GL popup (the second one in the header that probably says “Texture” or “Wireframe” or something), then alt-rmb-drag your mouse in the 3D viewport to define the wobble range. Let go and watch the wobbly wackiness.

– Joe


I like it too, I usually free wheel the model though.

I just wanted to let people know since the “/” in question is way … over…there… :slight_smile:


wobble is neat, giving me new ideas about my model :slight_smile:

you can disable the selection filling in poly display mode, and just have around edges, can be less distracting.
goto where shading modes are in your view, it should be on top of your window and semi transperent icon. select properties and disable selection filling


Hover your mouse over a polygon and hit “Home”. Bingo! You just fitted your Work Plane to Selection! PageUp and PageDn move the plane back and forth. Hit “End” and the Work Plane returns to it’s normal position.

Using the Work Plane and positioning the Work Plane with “Home” will help keep you working in the perspective window and reduce the need for using the so-very-20th-century quad window setup. Very, very cool.