Cool things in Modo no one knows!


While panning, hold the MMB and drag up and down, to move closer or further away from your object. And like others have pointed out if you hold MMB while rotating and drag left and right, it will roll the camera, which helps you to level the viewport back out if you find yourself all over the place. Track ball is nice cause you can look directly over an object in any angle. I always found in Maya that it was difficult to work on anything off axis as the camera movements were too restrictive.


I dont see a thread on this, so i think that ill ask. Has anyone imported fbx INTO MAYA? I had a helicopter model that i imported into Maya with FBX. Now all of a sudden it dosent work anymore. Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi, which Modo Version did you use?
No issue here. Also Modo´s Vector Displacement works like charm when i open it in Maya.
I´m using Modo 501 OsX 64Bit (Cocoa) on Mac Pro.


Well, we have used many software but have never used the Luxology Modo. After looking at the features I am thinking to give it a try.


Hey, whats up! I realized what the problem was. I had the objects scaled too large. ANd I found out in Maya, when you are using the perspective view, if you zoom out too far, the geometry cuts off. It just doesnt zoom out until its small enough to see, its like there is a cut off point for visibility. My objects were soo large, that when zooming back, everything was invisible. I dont think that this is the case when using the camera.

I LOVE Modo. The interface is nice and clear. I feel like everything is right there, and available for me to use instantly and easily. I am using version 501.


This is due to the way the Viewport works in Maya.
You need to set the camera near and far distance, defaults are 0.01 and 1000.
CINEMA 4D does the same thing.
modo, however, is much better behaved in this respect.


I like Maya but i love Modo too…it is the best solution to modell i think.
The Pixar Catmull Clark Algorithm is awesome.
I also use 501 SP5.


Is there a way to have modo trace a bitmap brush stroke that’s been imported in automatically not manually?



Hey all!
I was wondering if there was a way to get the geometry different colors upon creation in modo. I kinda like the way that 3DS max, makes every new object a different color.


Is there a way to limit the depth in which object components are chosen? For example, i have a scene with multiple pieces of geometry. If i select a face of an object, that is in front of another object, modo will select faces from both objects, and this is something that i don’t want. Its like there is a strength/depth setting, but i dont know what it is. Is there a way to fix this?


Hi @all,
i want introduce you to paint normal maps within modo.
At the moment there´s no directly function to do this but it is possible!

  1. First i make a flat Polygon 1m in Y Direction and 1m in X Direction.
  2. Reset Camera Positions to “look” at front of that poly.
  3. Create new Image with 512 x 512 resolution (it doesn´t need more)
    and change the output to normal
  4. Create a Layer with noise (cellular or what you want)
  5. Tweak that noise for your liking
  6. Invert the Noise Layer
  7. Right click on the noise Layer and use “bake to texture”…you´ll get an
    normal map.
  8. Put that normal map into image synth or something else to make a seamless texture.
  9. Use that seamless texture normal map and use it as image ink to paint.
  10. For testing create a primitive…i think a sphere is good.
  11. Create a new image with resolution 1024 x 1024 or higher and change the output to normal.
  12. Now paint over with your new normal image ink and have fun :wink:

I hope i didn´t forget anything because i´m not sitting in front of modo.
(it goes out of my brain :wink: )

I like to see some results from you…:slight_smile:
(Sorry for my english!)



Just discovered these.

Holding cntrl 3 gets you a popup menu where you can select several tool panels. They then disappear when you move your mouse off of them.

F2 key - modo tools panel
F3 - sculpt tools
F4 - animation tools
F5 - command history
F6 - presets browser
F7 - graph editor
F8 - preview render popup window (so you can render while modeling!)

Hold the cntrl key, and try it with these keys:
Tab key
tilde key (next to the number 1
1 key (cntrl 1)
2 (cntrl 2) etc etc

They all bring up different tool menus. I’m finding it very handy.

Anyone have any more tips?


Anyone have any more tips? I’ve already learned some great tricks from this thread. Would love to learn more.


Cntrl - tab gives you quick access to basic modeling commands.


Try using this keyboard shortcut file posted in the Lux forum - Very useful.


Thanks, abgrafx3d. Great file to have for reference.


I second that abgrafx3d, Great keyboard layout.


Press Numeric-1 for Top view - press it again for Bottom (toggles back and forth).

Numeric-1 toggles Top/Bottom
Numeric-2 toggles Front/Back
Numeric-3 toggles Right/Left
Numeric Del toggles Perspective/Camera


I made a tutorial with a lot of modeling tips. I think it would fit perfectly into this thread :slight_smile:

How to Optimize modo for Faster Modeling

Some gifs from it.


Awesome tutorial, thanks for posting!