Cool things in Blender that aren't so obvious


on windows, blender usually starts in windowed mode. You can make it open in full screen by :

  1. pressing ALT+UP_ARROW_KEY or

  2. clicking an icon (kind of like inverted ^) located at extreme right of the User Preferences window.

then press CTRL+U to save user preferences.

to come back to windowed mode press ALT+DOWN_ARROW_KEY


hi guy If you place the cursor in the object target, you choose rotate on pivot and rotate camera you emulate camera target of Max


alternatively, add an empty, set the camera to track the empty with CTRL+T. Fix the axis tracking in animations window. Now the camera will look at the empty where-ever it moves. So move it to a target.


You can weld vertices by selecting them in edit mode and pressing Alt-M.


LOTS OF COOL THINGS :eek: wish i had known earlier (like the fly mode)
anyways… heres one of my favorites
to view wireframe of hidden verts, makesure you are in WIREFRAME MODE and then turn subsurf on and change the level to 0
If you already knew about this then :thumbsup:


Hey, first post here.

Just somin I found kinda funny. When I was trying to boolean a converted subsurf it gave me an error saying “Internal error – Sorry!”


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New shortcut is Shift + Alt + right Button of the mouse, serves to select true loop, in vertices as in edges like in faces.


I stumbled across this one.

If you have more than one object in a single mesh, in Edit Mode, you can place your mouse cursor next to one of the verts in the desired object, then press the “L” key to select all of the verts linked to that one. “Alt+L” deselects in the same manner.


I recently discovered that Shift+M selects all edges/vertices around holes in mesh. It is not in a hotkey and mouse action reference.


That’s awesome… Then all you have to do is hit SHIFT-F to auto-fill those holes with “beauty fill”. That’s the coolest…


Shift+M is an alternative shortcut for ‘Select Non-manifold’. You’ll find this in the select menu when in mesh edit mode. The listed short cut there is ‘Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M’. ‘Shift M’ is obviously a lot more comfortable on the fingers though! :slight_smile:

Note that it selects ‘Non-manifold’ which is not necessarily only holes eg, an edge with three faces coming out of it is also a non-manifold edge!


I don’t know how old this is (or whether it’s been mentioned before) … but I just discovered it. Say you are in front or side view and you want to select an object, but it is hidden behind other objects. If you press Alt RMB over a group of objects, a menu will be displayed in the 3D window allowing you to pick the object you wish to select.

By the way … this is my first post here :slight_smile:


Hey cool I didn’t know about that. Thanks for pointing it out :smiley:


to fill in four or fewer vertexes:

select the vertexes and press “F”, this will fill in the empty space around them

to clean up a filled in space, select all the vertexes for the area, and press F. choose OK to make FCon
(And example of what I mean, add a plane in wireframe mode, extrude it several times, select all vertexes, then hit F.

Blender has a photohop-esque color picker. Simply click on the color preview next to the sliders to use it. Hit enter when you have the color you want.


Thanks for the info :thumbsup:

I’ll try that fgon technique. :slight_smile:


In the material editor, hold down the ctrl-key while moving the sliders. This will make it jump +/- 100. Then, when usind shift, you it will do a +/-1, instead of jumping some values over, like in standard mode (without pressing anything). Of course, you can also just change the value by pressing the number.:slight_smile:


This might also be common knowledge, but I found it today and find it really useful:
When cut & pasting stuff from render window to {insert your fav image editor here} using alt+ PrtScr, cut and paste the render first, come back to render window and press “A”. It changes the wiew to alpha and you get black & white mask to cut the background nicely in the {again, favourite image editor}.
Nice when you do testing in low res.

One month with blender, and still don’t know Jack


i’ve had trouble with my objects randomly turning in to hte camera when i use that trick and i dont know how to make it so its not the camera


Select your camera and hit Cntrl numpad 0 to make it the active camera again.


wat are the other surprises as well as the monkey?