Cool new messiah:studio FX!


We’ve got a new page on the web site that shows a little “making of” for an FX shot that Taron recently completed with messiah:studio 2.0. Check it out!




WOW! That is absolutely fantastic. Having a talented guy like Taron on the pmG staff is a huge plus for us messiah users.


Absolutely fantastic!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Now I’d like to get my hands on that mpj. :twisted:
But seriously Taron, can you give us any insight’s on the expression and techniques you used for the 2D tracking -> 3D animation conversion?


Wow, really cool stuff :slight_smile:

I hope there are more ‘behind the scenes’ features like this yet to come from Taron and others.


There will be, it’s just a matter of having permission from the creators/studios/whatever. It’s rare to be able to display things before the movie is released, and since messiah:studio 2 is so new, it’ll be a while before you start seeing a ton of production examples. We’ve got a few more in the works though, and we’ll get them posted as they become available.



While some of that was over my head (the tracking stuff), it was a wonderful read. I would love to see more when you get permission. Thanks pmG.



i also whan to thank The Institution, LLC for let taron show the work, is very motivating for some one new in the 3d field and some one already in, also show the capabilities of messiah “out-vitro”

how they did the hair? was model? or is the same hair o the actor?
i like to see a complex video tutorial on creating shaders, and conect many nodes to create a surface.


Very cool stuff, Taron! As always, you’re a talented man. Thanks for sharing some production stuff with us. It’s really really:thumbsup: inspiring.


Front Page!


very nice!!

Now, if only somebody would show and tell me what the shader actualyl does!!! :;


i think… the skin shader is simple… with color and displacement maps and light up with the basicshader…
the basicshaders only combines reflection, hdri, fresnel with colormap…to better radiance-material for the skin-shader…


Frontpage material indeed. :buttrock: Although some people might not handle the gore. I felt a little uneasy myself watching it too many times.


weird I cant watch the reeker.asx file.
I get and error in windows media player that it cant find the file on the server?


Wow!!! realy… Wow!!!

Very professional. I bet the client is happy. I’m looking forward to seeing more Taron goodness.

Nice to see this quality content being made with messiah.

Bring on the splatter :eek:


For me, the greatest thing about this is that Taron seems to have done this within native Messiah, no proprietary plugins or fandangles. I’m assuming this because well… for Messiah, there aint none yet. Course I could be wrong - could well be that Taron is using features out of MS 3.6 for all I know.

With lightwave we always saw great stuff being put out, then in the fine print read about other software or zillion dollar proprietary plugins being used for animation or calibration or shaders or something - stuff we normal people never had access to - bit of a buzz kill.


You are correct, this was just messiah:studio 2 (“out of the box”), Zbrush & Photoshop (for textures & displacement) and a compositor. No “fine print.”



I want to know about the hair. This is somthing I am hoping to see real soon from PMG.



Fred, thanks for showing Taron’s work (and thanks to all other parties involved with permissions). Taron, good work! It was also good to read the detail about what went into the shot. The subject is really too bad, way too bad, but it shows some neat work. I had to minimize the screen each time one of my kids or even my wife came past. :eek: I’m really looking forward to using m:Studio in my production work!


The hair looks like the "straw"or the frizz hair on the ropes in Taron’s scarecrow in which he says are all modeled. He mentions he doesn’t mind modeling hair strands and since thats not is not totally a full head of hair I would believe that to be also.

Now I don’t want to change the tone of the discussion here and break threads apart.
On the image of the shadowflow “SSS_map” and a separated “Fresnel” are custom features or renamed basicshaders?
ONly because Taron said in a previous thread that he has a new SSS tool that would coming up in a patch.


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