Cool new Indie game!


Hey everyone,

Here is the link to a very cool indie game that I worked on with some friends of mine. This whole game was made by just seven people. I helped with rigging and did all of the animation.

We have a free trial download at:

I hope everyone enjoys this game, as I think it has a really nice feel and challenging gameplay. We’re up for two finalist awards as well, one at slamdance this week and one at GDC in March.





So you play as a zebra? That’s interesting. What’s the game about?


Cool. I remember reading about this game in an magazine or website (don’t remember), but they were reviewing a bunch of indy games. If memory serves me well, it got a good score.

Good Job!
-Daren Loney


You actually can control alot of animals in this game.

The core idea is that you are trying to reach certain population quotas for certain animals, while at the same time creating and maintaining a habitat for thier survival.

It’s very simple, easy to play, and fun to look at.

Try the free demo!



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