Cool lightwave plugin/previewer !


Take a look at this ;

Bottom left= realtime Lightwave preview, running at less than 1 fps(hardly enough to work with),

Top right= Lightwave render ,pld 3 pass(rendertime=10.0 sec),

Top left= realtime PIMTools preview running at 40 fps with 4X AA / 8X Anisotropic Filtering!

Rendered on
AMD 64 bit Athlon 3000+
512 Mb ram
ATI Radeon 9700 mobile


err:) wtf:) congrat so u made another REAL time previewer… so how it works? what does it support?


Hmmm, realtime using the graphics card perhaps and OpenGL or DirectX… ? :slight_smile: Doom3 and Splinter Cell games are using realtime lighting in their engines, no precalced lightmaps (as far as i understand). Same thing with this one?


Is there a link?
Is there a demo?
Is there any information?
or was this developed in Photoshop Version CS2? (I don’t have that build yet)

Seriously…anything other than a screenshot?


It’s an OpenGL renderer (running in a separate process) fully integrated in Lightwave that can handle huge polycounts.

Supports multi texturing, bones, fog, lensflares, motion/deform plugins. It also compiles executable and screensavers. When you open it in Layout, it replaces one viewport and synchronises. In the near future there will also be full support for GLSL shaders ( realtime shadows, refraction/reflection, depth of field, specular bloom, normalmapping, parallax mapping,…)

If you want to see for yourself;
Oh and Doom 3 does use precalculated lightmaps, every soft shadow in the game is precalculated, all the realtime shadows are extrusion shadows :slight_smile:


I’ll have to try this when I get home :slight_smile:


man o mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i hope newtek LOOK on this… they need somethin like that


the game industry specially LW releated studios will benefit a lott from this
specially if u re gonna support all those shader stuff and i love normal mapping support u mention.

hell i am so happy to see soo smartass developers around us… damn i would lock up you all in one room to create MONSTER package

will it work with SDS ?


holy cow…that looks and sounds awesome!!!
when will it be out?
that .exe file is really nice but can we allready work with it?

thnx wout! :slight_smile:



Thanks Mav3rick ! But so as not to get credit I don’t deserve, allow me to clarify; the engine was created by Enki. I’m just the humble artist/beta tester :slight_smile: And currently SDS is only supported when you freeze your geometry :smiley: , non frozen objects display as their cages.


Exciting plug ! wanna know more. :slight_smile:


Hey Eshra,

Currently, there is no release date yet as it is still very much under development.


As soon as you have GLSL running let us know about it and then you may have a potential user/customer.


wout nevermind

is that Mute Fantasies guys?
since i saw footprint left after i executed your .exe file on desktop.
btw i already showd to my friend that is workin in croteam he is loving it… so be sure to
make this stuff runing fully equiped for game studios … SDS would be cool if in later version will be able to work since than eaven me that doesnt do games would benefit

btw does it refresh like fprime in realtime so tht when i scrub TIMELINE i see updates?


Yes, scrubbing the timeslider instantly updates the pimpreviewer, as does changing surface settings. Object changes require you to save the objects and the scene ( a quick shift- s enter, s enter that is :slight_smile: ). Furthermore, if you turn off all displays in lightwave ( view set to none) Lightwave doesn’t leak memory anymore !


very well , how it will deal with shader n stuff? after newtek open sdk probable?
how they plan to implement NORMAL MAPPING some obj displacement plugin ? or waitin newtek to open up sdk


It’s a Lightwave previewer but a fully independant one. Programming of the engine doesn’t rely on Newtek’s SDK. Actually, a lot of the shaders are near completion/ finished. They just haven’t been integrated yet.


so for example if i have normal map that need to be applied on my object in scene i would apply PIM normal shader in lw surface panel and than i would see preview in PIM window and only there cause it is PIM shader and not the one that will work under f9.


Yes, exactly, although there’s also support for the Normal Shader that comes with Microwave and the popular Normalmap Shader. So those two shaders would appear in both Pim and Lightwave Renders.


Volumetrics? :bounce:


Hat off! :thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock: