Cool Free/cheap tools (stuff your own stocking)


I’m alone at home for Christmas season this year, but it’s all good. Kinda like it. Thought I’d start a thread on free/cheap apps, plugins, etc for 3d and motion design.

  1. Random Index Effector for c4d…and a Grab-bag of useful Python c4d tools and AE tools. Most are free

  2. Dume. An awesome, fast, flexible and free alternative to Adobe Media Encoder.

  3. Displacer Pro. Thicc Stroke. Quick Chromatic Aberration 2. More…Free

  4. Beatgrid. Assists you in laying down markers that match musical tempo. Free.

  5. Drop To Floor plugin for c4d. Free

  6. Divider c4d plugin. AWESOME. free

  7. Gélatine by Code Vonc. Free. Other great freebies as well

  8. Spline Guide c4d plugin by César Vonc

  9. Building Tools for Blender

  10. Saving myself the time and effort:
    100 Free/Paid Addons for Blender 2.8

Think all of these are free.

More as the Christmas weekend rolls along. You got any?


Few to add that I can think of for now:

R-Scripts Collection -
A few handy scripts and in particular Points to Circle that a lot look for to use in newer versions of C4D.
Spline Outline -
Parametrically add thickness to your spline objects
Selection to Object -
This plugins saves you a lot of time when you deal with imported models CAD type imports. Instead of manual cleanup, Split Command splits the object into sub objects based on Selection Tags.
Maxon Labs -
I think a few miss out on these free ones from Maxon. I particularly use the Py-Parametric tools.

EDIT: Added:
Reeper -
Create ropes and similar structures
Roll It -
Makes objects roll easily


One might choose to consider Blender as a free add-on to their c4d pipeline.

Amazing new features every few months.

November brought 2.91:

August brought 2.9


A new freebie from @Noseman (Athanasios Pozantzis)…thanks :slight_smile:

Phong to Spline Procedural Plugin -