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Getting hi-poly 3d and simple vector art to work together!
I used zbrush to model and render the flow with an Ink Shader I made, flash to draw and photoshop to communicate between them.


the 3d model used:

low res ink render:


Looks interesting but the thing is that there is no 3D elements on the final peace no matter that you had demonstrated that it was actually made in 3D first/ this peace(Good the way it is) is more appropriate for some strictly 2d challenge no matter how it was made. Your odds would be higher if you have some time to blend a bit of pure 3D element in composition/ like lets say that smoke you modeled/just Add it,blend it,Smudge it on edges or something…could be more interesting…
Now Run!


I happen to like it a lot.

I think the fact that the elements are rendered but still appear as lie drawings shows the connections between fine and 3D art.
Good job.



Tino: Thanks for leaving your opinion!! There are pure 3d elements on the image, and I like them looking this way. I don´t think that making them look more “3D like” would increase my odds, as you say, or made the image more suitable for this competition. What is more, having felt the urge to explain where´s the 3D made me think I got a fusion there :cool:

Donald: Thank you!!

and Good luck to everyone!!!


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