Converting to splines


Hi. (noobeeeeee here) I am making a logo in 3DSM 6 … using the line tool. I traced over my letters in max with the line tool … then, I planned on extruding it to make it 3D (that is what the teacher wants us to do). But, I cannot get my lines (letters) to do what they are suppose to! I looked up what I was doing wrong … and, the only thing I found was SPLINES. Can I convert what I have to splines and go from there?

I have attached two files … what the wire (?) looks like in Max and a .bmp showing what it looks like rendered (which is WRONG!!!) …

What I want is the holes in the letters to look like holes. And the letters to have thickness. Please help! This is of course due tomorrow morning … at 7:30a! EEP!



That’d be in 2½ hour here ! eep indeed :slight_smile:

It -looks- like the lines on the inside (ie, the line-shape that defines the inner hole) aren’t attached to the outer line - but I could be wrong. So attach the hole-line to the outline-line - line … line (do I hear an echo?)

That said- work first, ladies afterwards, tsk tsk.


Work first … ??? Hrrrmmm

Thanks for the help … I will see what I can do. ;p


Allright, men then. Though I suppose its possible that you’ve been working on it since you got the assignment, right ? :slight_smile:

Feel free to holler if you get stuck - I’m just idling hours till morning light, anyhow.


Yup. I have been working on it since I got it … I have started over a couple of times … I just cant get it to work with this particular text. I got it to work with another file … but, I dont really like it. :wink:

Tee hee … men. :wink:



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