converting NMesh back into NParticles


I have converted an nparticle system to mesh is there a way to delete the mesh and make it an nparticle again. Im hoping so but i seem to remember something about modify converts not going the backward way.
thanks for any help


i couldn’t figure it out so i just attached the cache to a new particle system. If anyone can give some insight into whether or not this is possible would be greatly appreciated.


Easy, delete the mesh, select the nParticle, and on the shape node near the bottom in the AE under Object Display turn OFF Imtermediate Object.

Converting nParticles to mesh turns Intermediate Object On.


thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


goto nparticleshape node >object display setting and try switching on/off intermediate object option

but that doesn’t necessarily require deleting polygon mesh

i hope this is what u want :slight_smile:


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