Converting my image to use only colours in "Swatches"-window?


This should be fairly simple for you guys:

How do I convert my image to use only the colours I have in my “Swatches”-window?

/White Knight.


I would alt-screengrab the Swatches window, paste it into a new image file, palettize it, save the palette, then use that to palettize the original image.


Provided you are using PS CS. You can screen grab the pallette or swatch pallette you want to use…open it and place it as a layer in your file you are working on and use the feature “color match” or “match color” i forget what its called.

If you want to save your color pallete or swatch pallette ( same thing to me) you can without screen grabbing. But in this case for result you want u should screen grab etc like I stated.



Save you swatches as a .aco file by using the little triangle in the top right corner of your swatches palette. Now go Image>Mode>Indexed Colour. A window will pop up and you will need to change the Forced: dropdown from Black and White to custom. Now navigate to the .aco file you saved earlier. You should now have an indexed image using your own custom swatches.



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