converting model into solid object ???


hi !

does anyone know how i can convert a complex model ( joinning objects ) into a solid ( single mesh ) object ?
i’ve tried by union boolean, but it won’t work and end up very messy.
or maybe there is cad or a utility program that can do the job ?



use the “weld points” command


Not that you want to hear this, but if you have a segmented character and want it as a single mesh - and a clean one - then your best bet is to re-build it from scratch. Other methods will only give you marginal results.


to rebuild them… oh my gosh !
thanks for the reply though.


you might also try polysew (search flay).

this may be too simple a solution for your model, but it might help.


Hey Sming, maybe someone should ask, what exactly you want to do with the single- mesh- object versus the one that is broken up?


well, i have a client wanted me to custom some models amd require
it to be in ‘solid’ form, he’ll then send these models to a rapid prototype company
for the printing. the prototype company only accept models that are in solid,
but not models with objects intersecting each other.


Hope this helps

delete these polys

delete these too

welding points

it would be a good idea to merge points after you fix everthing.


Hey vonbon. Your method works is fine but it’s tedious. Why not use a brigde tool instead of it?

sming- What version you using? LW 7.5 or 8?


mmmmm, bridge tool, me like, just wasn’t sure what version sming was using


hi vonbon, thanks so much for your effort and reply, i really appreciate it.

that could be a solution if i’m remodelling a model from scratch.

but i have some existing models which were in high res and in triple polygons
and want to convert them into solid, and i don’t think i’d want to rebuild them .

i’m using LW 7.



Just wanted to say that was cool of ya to put together those illustrations for him. :thumb:


I think rebuilding the whole thing might be abit rash, especially since none of us knows exactly what the object is or how it’s constructed. For most situations, I would think just rebuilding the parts where the intersections are would be enough. And doing this manually rather than relying on some automated approach (boolean) would probably be better to assure that you get the results you want. What exact methods to use depends alot on the original geometry, so a few images showing atleast one of these areas would help before giving any more advice.

Another alternative would be to switch the prototyping company to one that don’t see intersecting geometry as a problem. :slight_smile:


A tool that closes meshes automatically would really help with models esp characters that are to be used in realtime engines that use stencil shadows. Only closed meshes cast correct shadows and closing each surface is a real pain in the neck.


thanks to all who reply.
ok, as shown in these images, there are many intersecting objects.
i think it is too complicated that the boolean in LW can handle it.
i have tried it and resulted many areas of the polygons got dissapeared !

if if i start remodelling it from scratch, it’ll be hell lot of job!


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