Convert V-Ray scene to ACEScg with a push of a button!


This is a new tool to convert V-Ray scene to ACEScg:
With the tool you do not need to download OCIO config to see the result in V-Ray frame buffer.
Saving the final image is also easier as the applied LUT does not require overwriting the


Hmm… Maybe this new tool for converting to ACEScg will cope with this task no worse than the well-known plugin from MAX Tools “V-RayMtl Converter 3”, which can not only do this (and does it perfectly), but also much more ( for less money, by the way).


I’m sure V-RayMtl Converter is a grate tool, but there are a couple of issues that we found when working with ACEScg and recommended workflow:
In the example above you can see that if you do not convert the base diffuse color of a material when there is not diffuse texture you are getting the wrong color output.
And the most important when you have a complex material and you transform your colors from sRGB to ACEScg in the first VRay bitmap/color node you also may get very different colors then expected.