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With the majority of rendering I do for CAD models, the biggest killer is the accurate assemblies where everything is precisely located and this brings me to repeated parts. Consider fasteners or like parts.

When the model is exported from CAD, each ‘instance’ of a part becomes a discreet part that imports into C4D. For example, fastener in CAD would be fastener_1, fastener_2, fastener_3 and so on in C4D.

Is there a way to grab these like minded parts and convert them to an instance?


Definitely good suggestion for maxon in a future version of C4D!


I should also say, that the instancing retains their position.


This would be a product of the importer to properly convert blocks/symbols in a CAD file into C4D Instance objects, retaining transforms to scale, position and rotation, plus add a ‘master’ reference that is turned off but easy to find.

I have discussed this with Maxon many times, yet it never happens. It’s frustrating, since there is already a block-type object in Cinema and it just isn’t getting used in file import.


Use the attached Script (just unzip it in your library/scripts folder, then drag & drop it into your interface/assign it a keyboard shortcut, or access it via the plugins->Scripts menu).

To use : select the object that will be instanced, then run the script. Enter the starting part of the objects names that will be turned into instances, e.g. if you have a bunch of objects called Screw_1 Screw_2 Screw_3… etc then just enter Screw in the dialog. if the object you’ve got selected is the first name you want to use then just click ok with an empty text box.


Thanks again mdme_sadie, seems like I’ve been keeping you busy today!

Your responses are appreciated.


Thanks mdme_sadie,

this is a handy script.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


Glad you liked it. You could make it replace one object with any other object with a little more work I guess, but I’ll leave that up to others to do :slight_smile:


Thanks mdme Sadie!



Brilliant! Thank you, Mdme.

(Wish I could do that sort of thing.)




wow, thanks a lot, wished for something like that just a few days ago-very cool!



very cool per…:thumbsup:


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