Convert MAX file to C4D


I need to use a max file from Turbo Squid.
The vendor I purchased it from is not responding about C4D conversion options.
I know I can obtain a trial version of Max, but would rather have a third party do the conversion for me.

Is there anyone here that can do that for me, or perhaps recommend a service that handles such conversions?



in the past I’ve had conversions done by Turbosquid, not the vendor, and they have been very responsive and helpful.

It has been a few years though - is that service no longer around?


They seem to still offer the conversion service, but I’ve only gotten auto replies from them stating that it may take weeks before they can help me…
I need it now. :\


You can try Marcelo Bruno - he’s the guy who created the Max to C4D plugin; I’ve hired him to do several Max to C4D conversions.


the plugin he makes is also great ( i think he wanted to bring out an update some time for it)