Convert Geometries to bones


i have a facial rig made of Simple Box Geometries… i wonder if someone here knows how to covert them so Max sees them as Bones… is it even possible?


This should be possible, Sorry, I can’t test this 1st hand to check:

  1. Create a standard Max Bone somewhere in the scene. and select it.

  2. Go to a Track View, expand the Max Bone entry so you can see its Base Object properties.

  3. High-light the ‘Object (Bone)’ line, right mouse click and choose ‘copy’.

  4. Still in the Track View, expand all the Box objects in your face rig so you likewise expose all their Base Object properties, i.e. the lines that read ‘Object (Box)’ and high-light them all by CTL clicking each one.

  5. Right mouse click and choose ‘paste’.

All your boxes should now turn into bones. But chances are they aren’t aligned properly.

6.With all your new bones selected, open Bone Tools. Check ‘Bone on’ and ‘Autoalign’, uncheck ‘Freeze Length’ and click the buttons ‘Reset Scale’ ‘Reset Stretch’ and ‘Re-align’.

With a bit of luck that should correct X-axes of the bones so they point to their child bones. However, probably you’ll have problems with the Y and Z axes pointing incorrectly, and you probably didn’t create “nubs” for the ends of your box chains so I bet the last bones on each chain will be oriented wrongly. Sorry, you’ll need maxscript for that. Try a Scriptspot search?



I don’t know if this will work for you, but you can skin using the boxes directly without converting them to bones. Max isn’t that fussy about what objects you use as bones.


Thanks for the help. that looks like quite a solution. i skinned with boxes but i didn’t zero them out before i skinned. it gave me weird results.

i will go back and try it again. Thanks for all your time and help! it’s much appreciated


I got the chance to test and I edited my previous post to make some corrections.

As I guessed, the end bones on each new bone chain will not realign from the Realign button in Bone Tools, but in my test I could simply select all the end bones and do a mass rotation of them all by precisely 90 degrees and that seemed to fix that problem pretty easily.

I think your biggest problem will be after the swapping of z-axis to x-axis from the realign tool (Box height axis to Bone shaft axis), all your orientation constraints and look-at controllers will need to be likewise updated. I’d just bite the bullet and do this manually.



Ok…Thanks for all the help!