Convert an object into its UVW


Hello, folks! How can I flatten the object into its uvw? Basically, I’m looking for the equivalent of 3dsMax’s SlideKnit plugin for C4D.



There is no in-built function for that. If you have z-brush you could always do it there with UV Master > Flatten.


I think this is what you’re looking for :wink:


yes, I’m aware of this method, however I need to be able to convert this flatten object back to its initial state.
I need it for creating such things as on the pictures below:

  1. the uwv was created for the mesh
  2. the mesh was converted to its uwv
  3. the details were ‘glued’ to this uwv
  4. morphing the uwv back to its initial shape, the details folow




yeah, I’ve seen this plugin :smiley: but looks like it’s only 1 way plugin

earlier I explained what I want to achieve in c4d
do you know any workarounds?


Surface defomer or spline wrap sound like what you want to achieve.


thank you )
I’ll try to test this method :smiley: