Convert 60p to 30i (or 29.97i)


I’d like to turn my 60fps progressive render into a 30fps interlaced clip. This is to get a field rendered clip out of my 3D app which doesn’t support field rendering with GI.

So I’ve got a 60fps render (let’s call it X) and I want to take each frame and turn it into a field of Y and render this out as a 30fps Quicktime. Is there a set way to do this? Or should I be playing around with the interlace node and frame intervals?

Any help appreciated.




You can do it this way:
• Load sequence in file input node, in source tab set ‘increment’ = 2
• Copy node
• In second node - Timing tab - ‘timeShift’ = 1.
• Create node - ‘Layer’ - interlace.

Connect 2 file node and get interlaced from progressive.


Thanks! I’ll give that a try.



Sorry it took me so long to respond. This worked perfectly. Thanks.



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