Controlling layers with xpresso


Hi everyone,

I would like to create a controller that show/hide specific layers.
But in Xpresso, the only data that we can see for a layer is its name.

I found a video using this same setup but can’t find the file

I can always create an Xpresso to show/hide objects themselves but I thought it would be better to put each object in a single layer, so I can create some custom controls (hide the roof but not the floor, etc).
And in fact, controlling the objects display (red and green dots) directly with Xpresso is easy. but It just forbid you to manually change display when you need to… but I need more of the layers functionality.

If anybody have a little time and know how to do that kind of thing… I would be gratefull.



Hi there,
here’s is a trick I found:

In the basic tab of objects, you can unfold the Layer parameter to access the Layer attributes in parameter form. Then you can drag & drop these parameters to the input/outputs of layer nodes in xpresso

I used it, it did the job for me.
But use this at your own risk. If the parameters are hidden, there might be a reason for it.



Thanks for your quick response.

You Solved it.



I did not know that. interesting


To access the parameters in non-icon form, you can select the layer directly (don’t need to go through an object on the layer), then the parameters are shown in the same form in the attribute manager, provided the attribute manager is allowed to display layers.

I do wonder why the parameters are not shown, though. At first I thought it’s because the parameters are not animatable. However, the name is available, and that’s not animatable either…


Yes you’re right, totally forgot that one. I think there was a case where the object approach was needed but I can’t put my finger on it.