controlling emission of particles from other particles


I have an emitter that is connected to a goal and those particles are emitting particle trails. However as they jump from the emitter to the goal object they leave trails so I want to delay the emissions by X number of frames from the birth of the emitting particle.


You could achieve this with per particle emission rates.

On creation set the rate attribute to zero.

Have a conditional statement in the runtime before dynamics that checks the age of the particle and when it is above your threashold change the rate.

if (age > .5) {
 emitter1ratePP  =  10 ;



is it possible for the emitted particle to tell which particle/point it was emitted from?


I dunno… I can’t seem to get this to work.

Okay so I’d have two particleShapes and two emitters…

would I put this expression in the runtime of the first particleshape and control the ratePP of the second emitter?


Oh yeah gotta enable them via Particles>PerPoint Emission rates


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