Controlling an image seq texture with a Slider?


Hi, lets say I have an animation 74 frames long of an eye where it’s iris closes down. Is it possible using a user data slider and Xpresso to assign that those frames to the slider? So for example, on a close up of the eye, I can drag a slider and it would scroll thought the image sequence? I am kind of doubting that I can do this. but thought I would ask no the less.



I like the idea.

xPresso does expose the texture parameter for materials. It’s beyond me to know how one would iterate through textures, given the fact that the fileNames/directory paths would vary. My hunch is that this could only be done with Python.


Maybe it would be a future request for C4D. I am assuming that their plugins are written in Python. I work with Objective-C and C#, but no Python skills. Would be fun to learn how to create C4D plug ins. Thanks.


Load the image sequence as a mat, drag the bitmap from mat animation into XP and set movie start frame and end frame the same - controlled with slider. Check mat, editor, animate preview. (110.1 KB)


Once again I’m humbled to be in such brilliant company.

Works in my little test. I don’t know how it will hold up to different file naming/numbering convention.


Wow, that’s great. Thanks for that info, I will have to give it a try today.