Control where particles fall


Hi! I am fairly new to C4D and am trying to create an animation describing Leaky Gut. I need particles to only fall in the cracks of my epithelial cells I have created however, when i add an emitter above them they obviously just fall all over depending on the size of the emitter. The cells start together and then separate and when they separate is when i need the particles to fall through the cracks of separation only. Is there a way to control the particles to where they only fall between the cracks of the cells? I have posted a picture below to hopefully help understand a little better. Any help would be appreciated!


A couple of suggestions:

  1. Create hidden geometry with dynamics in the basic shape you want them to travel into the cracks (a funnel type shape would suit) and place the emitter within that shape so that it completely controls where those particles are allowed to fall.

  2. Instead of an emitter, use object type cloner / follow spline type rig with Random Effector so that you completely control the travel of objects into the cracks.


If you check out the TP presets you will find setups that guide particles along splines. One will do so in a very strickt manner, the other much more dynamically. Please find an example on the second one attached.tp_follow_spline.c4d (724.2 KB)


Thank you! I have created my funnel shape and placed my emitter under it however, the particles are not being confined to the shape i created. They are still falling outside of the funnel. How do I control it to falling inside the funnel?


You need to use dynamics tags; Rigid Body on the funnel and Collider Body on the particle objects and alter settings as needed from there. See this tutorial for similar principles:


Got it! Thank you so so much!