control rigs too big


how do i srink the visual rigs to adquate size ?



Here it is how.
Under Viewer: Display : Model Visibility : Hide Skeletons and Models.
So you are only left with your Rig in the viewer.

Under character control Select your character. Show (Activate) FK or IK. use Space bar and Rectangle select all the IK’s or FK’s rig.

Asset browser: Properrties change the marker size to your liking.



thanks, only use menu>model>properties to change, and not all at a time, but one by one, anyway, it works as attached pic showing.

big thx:)


if we use the control rig as Input, then what is the Input Source ?

does it mean we can use another character with control rig ( with keyframe motion already set up) and do the transfer ?

Good and cool for MB, for making character animation process(workflow)easier and faster.

thz again.



When your character is controlled by rig that means is that you can animate the character using the IK and FK controls.

after setting the Animation using the rig you can than later control other characters using that rig which will act as Character input source to other character.



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