control rig animation to other control rig


Following problem:
I did my character, applied control rig to it, etc, and animated some stuff.
Suddenly i saw, that i had a flip when naming my finger joints on the right hand (rigth instead of right).
So now i have no right finger controls and I need to fix that.

My idea was just to export the animation on the (wrong) control rig. Deactivate and correct it. Reactivate it. And import the old animation to it.

But it seems I do something wrong. Either I import and dont get the right animation, or I get an Access Violation Error and MB crashes.

Can someone quick write the steps i should do?
(Import old Animation from Control Rig to my new control rig)

So that I can continue my animation with all parts :wink:



Ok, a guy in the Kaydara forum gave me a solution, but I loose all my control rig keys. (It needs to be plotted to skeleton)


Hi Jango,

You can allways plot that skeleton information back to the control rig, by selecting the ‘Control Rig Output’ as an input for your character, then plotting to the control rig.



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