Control position constraint object that already constraint to path!


I have first object (helper-1) that path constrainted to spline-1
i have another object (camera) that path constrainted to another spline
what i want - i need to create helper-2 that would control position first object (helper-1) while it
will be following along its own path (spline-1) … then i will constraint this helper-2 to camera and do some animation when at some part of spline-1 my helper-1 moving by its own creative way and then smoothly follow camera.

question - how it possible to constrain 1 object (helper-1) to path(spline-1) and at the same time to helper(helper-2) ?


Not sure if I understand your scenario, but have you taken a look at list controllers?


I did fake hand made video for simulate what i need as result

  1. camera on path - ok

  2. helper-1 on path - ok

  3. helper-2 - its no need path at all - just link for helper-1

what we see - camera moves on path or by hands and helper-1 moves on path too driving by camera - ok…

but at the same time it can be animate by hand-keys and then (when keys end) come back to straight folowing camera…that the goal …how to achive?


Sounds like a list controller with a link and path constraint should do the trick. Have you tried that?
If you want the camera to drive the helper that’s a bit more tricky, but you could wire the percentage of the two path constraints or use an expression if you need an offset (or even instance the controller if that’s good enough).