Control edge script idea. (scripters please read)


i’ve got an idea that i think would dramatically save alot of time and hardwork for max users trying to achieve nice rounded
corners (not totally sharp edges) with control edges on i.e. mechanical or none organic objects.

the idea is a script that would solid chamfer corners and edges.
a script that would let you select all the edges you need, call the script, and the script window would pop up with numerical inputs
for edge distance hit ok and BAM all control edges are done and producing nice clean edges.

i know that Meshtools has a solid chamfer but it doesn’t do what i’m talking about.

Well let me know what you guys and gals think.

talk soon!

i’ve attached an image that describes what i’m talking about.


Riiight… got ya. Yeah BPT for maya does this really nice.

The good news is that Byron is looking into porting BPT to Max :smiley:


yeah i’ve seen BPT’s and they look amazing!
it would be awsome to see those tools in max!


Certainly would save alot of time


So how hard would it be to write a script like the quad based solid chamfer in Byron’s Poly tools for maya?



i have been thinking of it too. i can script a bit but never did anything with meshes yet.


Yeah someones gotta get on top of this :slight_smile:

it would be sweet!


Solid Chamfer is already available for max in Meshtools 3 which is located on the max5 2nd cd. It uses the click and drag technique rather than a numerical input like max’s chamfer options.



Solid chamfer in meshtools doesn’t do the same thing. Btw, byron is having BPT ported to max as we speak.


This is really great to hear!
Where can I find further info on BPT?


Can anyone make this script?



Well not exactly what you are looking for as it doesnt produce quads for all corners…ie if you chamfered 2 edges with yours you would get 3 quads…this way will give you 2 quads still. But you can do numerical solidchamfers using edge extrude with a zero height.

Just thought I would pass along the info till BPT is available for max.


yeah thats what i’ve been doing - that an insets till we get some kind of a script going :slight_smile: its a pain though :frowning:

BTW i spoke with Byron and he said BPTS arent being ported to max, But the next version (BPT 2) will be platform and application independent but that he still has a long way to go until we see that.



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