contrast between AE&combustion


maybe it is an old topic,but I’m really wanna know your thought
I’m willing to be a tv program or cm maker,so which one suit me?
thanks,I need some serious help here



If you do a search here you will find many topics about the AE x Combustion duel.

But I think will depend on the type of work you will be doing, and even more on which one you will feel more comfortable with.
My advice is to try them both, and check for your self.

In my humble opinion today combustion has more features and it’s more flexible in most of it’s aspects then AE is, specially with you rely in heavily in color correction, tracking, painting, rotoscoping and particles effects.



Yup, do as diogo girondi says and search the forum. This question is asked too much and just results in stupid fights. So I’m closing the thread before it starts. No bad feelings :slight_smile:

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