Contract work postings


I’m not sure if there’s a good place to post contract work for CG artists. I’m willing to pay well. Somewhere on the order of $500 a day, but the jobs forum seems to discourage if not prohibit contract work posting. Virtually everybody that needs CG work done needs it on more of a contract basis than a full-time position; it’s just the nature of the field. But I feel extremely limited in my options as far as where I can post what we’re offering. I certainly don’t want to waste my time on oDesk or Craigslist, so I’d prefer to ask around here, but there’s zero chance of us being able to offer a full-time position for this kind of work. Once it’s done once, there isn’t any more work to do. I hope my job post didn’t get rejected, but if it did, are there any better resources available to me besides this site?


I’m not really sure what’s given you the impression that contract positions are not allowed; the main things we don’t allow are non-paying “jobs”, and job postings from people who are not posting on behalf of a studio/registered business (ie a job offered from a private individual).


I checked the validation queue for job forum posts, and found your posting. Unfortunately it had to be rejected; I’m sorry but one of our rules is that full company and contact information has to be provided in addition to the job information. Providing a reddit username as your contact information is not sufficient, I’m afraid. In addition to that, speaking as an artist, I’d personally never, ever accept a job from someone whose contact info was a reddit username - honestly, you’re not likely to find an actual skilled professional artist who would anywhere else either. We are a cautious bunch.


Apologies for giving Reddit contact information. I copied and pasted some information from a similar post I’d made on Reddit, and I apparently forgot to change that text. I made a much more professional-sounding post now. Thanks for the advice.