ContextMenuStrip back color


I’m using ContextMenuStrip.
I have a nested menu.
ContextMenu backColor only change back color of the top menus.
I found Denis’s paint trick.
I could change color of nested menu back color.

BUT, I can not change the border(?) around menu.
Any ideas?


So… I guess I need to override color table of renderer.

I have no idea how I would do in mxs…


so… further research shows I need to make a custom color table…


// This class defines the gradient colors for
// the MenuStrip and the ToolStrip.
class CustomProfessionalColors : ProfessionalColorTable
public override Color ToolStripGradientBegin
{ get { return Color.BlueViolet; } }

public override Color ToolStripGradientMiddle
{ get { return Color.CadetBlue; } }

public override Color ToolStripGradientEnd
{ get { return Color.CornflowerBlue; } }

public override Color MenuStripGradientBegin
{ get { return Color.Salmon; } }

public override Color MenuStripGradientEnd
{ get { return Color.OrangeRed; } }



This does not seem to be what you need. Can you show an image of what you want to draw on your own and how it should look like?