Context sensitive help..


I was wondering if someone could suggest how to start off scripting the following idea:

I want to bind Shift+A to a context sensitive marking menu. So for example.
If I have a Polygon selected, it would bring up a marking menu focusing on append, split, etc etc.
If I have a Nurbs selected, it would bring up a marking menu focusing on attach, detach, etc…

and so on for curves and subd’s.
Could someone recommend a way to do this, if at all possible? If someone just showed me in the right direction I could try finish the rest myself…

Thanks in advance


So, you want the relevent menu to appear when you press Shift-A, and disappear when you release it? Does it need to be at any particular location, or can it appear anywhere? Also, can it be the same style as the standard drop-down menus on the menu-bar, or are you after a hotbox-style thing?


  1. I’d like it to show on the shift+a (on a mouseclick) and disappear on release. (i have noticed I have trouble assigning custom marking menus to anything that’s Shift+Letter, is that just me?)
  2. I’d like it to show up like a marking menu would as if I created it through the marking menu editor.

thanks :bounce:

EDIT: my shift+letter marking menu problem seems to only occur in maya 6.


I created a script for that already, basically when you have a nurb selected then RM click it shows all the Nurbs Tools and same thing goes for Poly obj when you RM click all your poly tools shows up…the way I did it is modify the AE scripts. If you’re interested I can send you the script.



I’ve seen a couple scripts like that. The only problem is, I don’t want the poly options in the RMB, simply because the other script I saw like that had the options below the actual N/S/E/W selections (vertex,edge,face,object mode, etc). It has the tools in the actual menu itself, which to me, slows things down.
But I emailed you anyway to check out the script


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