Contest is now closed


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your submissions. The contest is now closed.


It would be nice, eventhough the contest is close that contestants who didn’t make the deadline still post their work.

I mean…better late than never?

Least from my experience, you can say you got the job done.

But I’m not one to talk, I didn’t join the contest because I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew.

Timing can be tuff.


I want to apologize for not being able to complete my entry… The following week I got slammed at work… will show what we’re doing when completed… it is a “fun” project.



Sadly life got in the way of me finishing my ultraspeeder. I plan to do so in the next couple weeks but wanted to thank the folks that started this and hope that there are a couple more of these on the horizon. By the time I got my act together I was behind already and did not allow myself to do the things I wanted in this. The nice thing about this type contest is I got to do the kind of work I really LOVE to do. It also allows me to dive deeper into the features I do not use all the time and experiment more.

Congrats Richard on the prize!!!


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