Content Browser to specific spot in scene?


I sometimes like to drag objects from the content browser into scenes I’m working on, but when I do this, the object is placed at 0,0,0 world position. Then I have to futz around with trying to get the object over to where I’m working.

Is there a way (or a plugin) that will let you drag an object from the content browser to a specific spot in your scene? Like having polygon snapping on, and having the dragged object snap to a surface in front of you?


Not drag from the library but once in your scene you could target your objects location and orientation with this plugin:


Looks nice, but does not seem to be available anymore.

If anyone else is looking for plugins that would allow placement in a similar fashion, also check out NitroDraw


Oops, sorry. Didn’t see the notice that you will not be able to buy plugins anymore from CGTools. That’s a shame. :frowning:


still a bit of a futz but you could put a null where you want it, drag the content in and then do arrange objects>transfer


You can buy it there :wink:


Ah cool thanks. I picked it up.



Connecter looks interesting, but I don’t like this part:

“In consideration for the rights granted to you under these Terms, you grant us the right (a) to allow the Connecter Service to use the processor, bandwidth and storage hardware on your Device in order to facilitate the operation of the Service, and (b) to provide advertising and other information to you.”


worrying, indeed. Can you link to where you found that on the website? I know there is a paid version - perhaps this is only for the free one?


I had downloaded it, and when starting to install it, they list the license agreement.
(You have to agree to continue with the installation.)


WTF ? That is taking liberties… They are effectively turning your workstation into a bot as part of a bot network. is that even legal?
How do you know they are not coin mining? That clause is pure evil. An all time low in this scene… I am a frankly shocked that people would agree to that.I don’t think they would if they read and understood its implications.
unscrupulous developers will end up destroying the plugin market. IMO, that taints the entire market with a nasty, shity smell. People will think that this is what plugins do, destroying trust and credibility. Most devs are serious and honest about what they do. IMO Maxon need to bring some kind of certification into the game. Maxon should react and lay down some basic rules and principles for everyone’s sake.


Or pretty much because everyone stores their files on a networked location and said bandwidth is for your network to transfer said assets into your scene… its not a conspiracy, no hidden agenda, if your really that afraid of someone stealing your data or abusing your system, there are loads of programs that let you inspect system resources used by applications as well as the network traffic they are using and where it is being sent.
Get over loosely termed wording and enjoy the efficient workflow the software gives you already!



Plamen from the team developing Connecter.

As always, the legal stuff sounds much scarier than it actually is. The quoted paragraph pretty much means that Connecter uses your computer to work. That’s standard wording for many desktop based apps.

On a side note, Connecter is probably the least “tracking” software you are using. We don’t collect any data about your libraries or setups. The only way to share a snapshot of your current settings is to send “program logs” - something that we usually ask for when we offer support.

We value your privacy and won’t change how Connecter works, even though that data may help us. It is always better to ask and communicate that to “gather”.

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback regarding our Cinema4D integration you can join our closed Facebook group: