Contemporary CNS Girl, Peter Chan (2D)


Title: Contemporary CNS Girl
Name: Peter Chan
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

A Contemporary Asian girl with very traditional clothing (hence the headphones)…using the chinese novel style…of painting…
the idea is a juxtaposition between the old and new of asian culture.

Done entirely in Photoshop CS


Looks good, But on thumbnail, she looks like Michael Jackson! :smiley: Maybe you could work a bit more on shadow/lighting to avoid this bad effect.
She’s very well drawn.

EDIT: when I say bad effect, I’m referring to likeness with MJ on thumb. Not that your lighting it’s bad done. But I think you could work more on it, to give more depth to the figure.


This is actually pretty good. Maybe though, he’s right. You could use some more definition shadow/highlight -wise


I don’t see it as a bad effect. I like how the clean style.
The clothes look a bit flat to me compared to the face. Other than that awesome work!


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