Consumed, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


This is a definite choice. Amazing render.
I have to say dude it has been quite long time since I haven’t seen such an inspiring image.


Fantastic as always, so much detail… :buttrock:


Sir, you are the best.


Congratulations, work is amazing and the details… incredible.

Love this!


Artbot, thanks… I am actually selling prints at Imagekind … I don’t have new image yet because I need to render hires image. It should be online soon… in case you are interested. I am donating all profit from my prints to charity.

fluidfxtd, shkumbinf, unwrap, gorillajin, luzak1 … thank you for taking time to leave a comment.

Shiao … I tried to picture out how the world is crushing down for the people with this disease and how everything that is left in this world is just a pure empty shell (diving suit) … all your memories and moments are gone, there is just a material shell left that is plugged into this world (time-clock) to keep empty body alive.


Going great. Getting to do lots of environment creation and even a bit of creature modeling. Haven’t painted much lately, but I’m getting ready to release a music album before the end of the year. Once that’s done, I’ll probably get back into doing some painting.

Keep rocking, Toni!


Great. I love the details!


this is amazing ! front page material


Another masterpiece Toni!Extremely touching work… Deserves the award!


This is my favorite piece of work from you, and that is saying something. The write up is heartbreaking and inspiring as well. I’m in awe on this one.


Great piece Toni.
I have to admit, it put a bit of sadness into me because my grandfather died of Alzheimer.
He was and always be in my memories the most gracious and beautiful man I have ever known in my life.

One of your best image in my opinion.


this is absolutelly awesome image, really jaw dropping piece…


Great great piece Toni! Awesome


WoO! Very impressive!! I like the idea a lot~!


great work!! i love it.


One of my favourite pieces ever. Amazing job.


Great piece of work, I admire you Toni! :bounce:


excellent , another superb pictures ! :thumbsup:


Very impressive work and story!
Excellent lighting and details.


And also because you know it can happen to you, or any of us for that matter, spooky idea…:frowning:

Great piece though, you definitely managed to convey the message!

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