Consumed, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Title: Consumed
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

At the time we were living in Croatia there was one old man living in an apartment below ours that had Alzheimer’s disease. He would sometimes come to our doors in the middle of the night and try to unlock the doors thinking that it was his apartment. His daughter once told me he forgot who she was, and how he cut his bed with a saw for no logical reason. What a torture that must be, loosing yourself, all your memories, reason and logic. The essence of life is contained in those experiences we had over our lives, people we met and loved, and then this punishment came and took everything from him, stole his essence, his soul, and left him with just a shell of what he is not. There was more left of that old man in his daughter that in the body he was once populating. I will always remember you my unknown friend, you gave me power to create this piece of art, but I wish you never ignited this idea in me because that would mean that you spent your old days free of this suffering. You will live inside your loved ones until the day their time comes, but you will live inside this image forever.

Hires Image can be found here:


Holy …
Great work, love all the details :slight_smile:


Great work, and the inspiration adds another, deeper dimension to the image. That’s what it’s all about. Well done.


Awesome Toni ! love the details in that one (as usual :stuck_out_tongue: ) really cool !


Your best work yet. Bravo, Toni.


romanovich, thanks man!
azazel … tnx, that experience in my life really pushed me to create this piece.
simonblanc … thanks Simon! Say hi to guys at Blur!
balistic … thanks for the comment, so it looks like I am not getting old. :slight_smile: How is it going in your new company? Doing any painting lately?


The details!!


As usual, your level of detail astounds me! I wish I had just a small amount of your talent! This piece and your explanation touched me! It reminds me of my grandfather who slowly lost his mind to Alzheimer’s. It was so sad to look into his eyes and not have him remember me at all.


So few take inspiration from their on lives today. A touching story and an aptly touching image. I appreciate the wasting away and the time metaphor, and the tired feeling you were able to convey for the character. Bravo!


mind exploding in 3…2…1…!! Your kung-fu is powerful! Would love to see the wires!! How did you do that cobweb?


deep touching and storytelling work. well inspiring. great amount of details. good colors that match the story.
awesome, really.


stunning work. congrats.

have look at this :


Wow this image is absolutely amazing!
Fantastic details and awesome materials and lighting.

Really great work there!
Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


Awesome :drool:
Impossible :buttrock:


Pretty good details and realism!
Superb work!


Here is clay render I did yesterday.

CHRiTTeR, Bran, kybel, Silverwing, FrankHorrigan, yuriki … thanks everybody!

jsgknight … sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hope you have good memories of him … I believe people live as long as memories of them live in their loved ones.

ebasta … life is one endless book full of inspiration for everyone of us. There is so much more I want to create, I only wish I have one more life. :slight_smile:

Milivoj-Lemonade3D … thanks, here is clay render (top image). It’s better than wireframe. Web is made with script kybel sent.


That’s an amazing piece of artwork. I usually skip over the babbling back-stories so many artists tag onto their work, but yours was touching, relevant, and really turns the piece into something even more. Just lovely. Are you selling prints?


Amazing work!! great detailing as well as lighting…congrats Toni :beer:


Great work.awesome detailing
I wonder what happened in the scene.


That clay render is what?- mindblowing!:))) awesome script, tnx guys!