constructive MR implemntation critics


MR is a great renderer but it is badly implemented in Maya and that’s a fact.
I really hope Autodesk will work on the implementation and save me hunderd of hours.
If you have any constructive critics on this issue please post them in this forum:


MR is fine in Maya, and it gets better every upgrade (2008 is supposed to be faster, have better IMR, and have useful new shaders). I suggest you learn how to use it (better). :smiley:


i already know how to use it, i have been using it for 5 years now.
MR is not fine at all in Maya. the implementation isn’t getting any good, only new features are introduced. Did you ask yourself why there are threads labeled “why is mental ray so rubish” or “mia_physical_sky rendering bad” with hunderds of posts by advanced users?


What I see in those threads is advanced users posting beautiful renders using MR, and some people who either don’t use MR or don’t know how to use it complaining.


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