Constraints problem frying my brain!


What Im trying to do is: Coil up a joint chain and rotate the whole chain by the last joint (not the root).

I want to be able to to coil up as ‘Sample A’… which I achieved with a set driven key
When I coil up I also want to be able to rotate around the center point of ‘Coil_A Controller’

I’ve spend best part of the day constraining & parenting different options… but I still running into prolems … double transformations…etc!

‘Sample B’ is close to what I trying to achieve… iterms of rotaing around ‘Coil_B’… works fine in 0,0,0 postiont when I coil it up using select hierarcy on the joints… then try to rotate with the 'Rotation curve… it rotates around the group node and I cant seem to get the group node to point constrain to ‘coil B’ or the last joint in the chain.

Is there a better way to rig this?

I still do belive its not impossible to achieve!

Can anybody help me out here???




hey there,

i’m not a rigger, but i’m looking around cause i cot many probs for my rig too. If you have many problems with double transformation, i think there is something worth to check out. I learned - but i’m not sure how it works - that when creating a cluster, you have the option to make it relative. Maybe you can find out about this option cause i heard in a digital tut tutorial that it’s to avoid double transformation. Or they were lying :twisted:

hope it helps.



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