Constraint on/off, attributes updating along


Hello you all !

Not sure that the title is self explanatory, so here is what i am trying to achieve :

I have character holding a ball that I want him to be able to play with.
For exemple, i want him to hold the ball, throw it in the air, make a step forward and catch it back.

The ball is skinned to a bone parented to [b]ball_ctrl[/b], (it is referenced to the world) 
[b]handFollow_loc[/b], parent constrained to [b]wrist_ctr[/b]l is used as the spot for the ball to be when holded, ( the locator is referenced to the world)

[b]The ball_ctrl[/b] is parent constrained by  [b]handFollow_loc[/b]
[b]ball_ctrl[/b] has an attribute "[i]handFollow[/i]" that turns this constraint on and off

When the handFollow attribute is on, the ball sticks to the hand.
When the handFollow attribute is off, I can freely animate the ball, independant to the hand.
And it sticks back to the hand when turned back on.

Now same thing but if I move the hand :

When handFollow is turned off, the ball sticks back to the original spot [3].
I would like, when handFollow turned off, the ball to stay in place, on the handfollow_loc so I can animate it from the hand !

Both handFollow_loc and ball_ctrl are referenced to the world.
Is there a way for the parent constraint to be shut off and for the ball to update its transform attributes to the handFollow_loc new transform attributes ?

Thanks for your time !


please unbind the ball to joint and parent to both ball ctrl and hand hand ctrl or hand follow loc in the parent constraint attribute you show two node you add set driven key according to your follow