constraining axis of movement for move tool?


Is there a way to set the axis of movement of the move tool via mel? “moveVertexAlongDirection” seems to preform movements, not set their restrictions.



found the manipMoveContext command but there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it through the UI.

ideally I’d like to do something like:
(I have the move tool selected)
//Press x:
manipMoveContext -e -ah 0 manipMoveContext1;
// now I can only move along x

// press n for move along normal:
manipMoveContext -e -mode 3;

and so forth, while having these commands directly affect my current move manipulator.



the default manipMoveContext is named Move, so you just edit that one: manipMoveContext -e -ah 0 Move;


thanks. How did you find out that the default move manip was named “move”. It makes sense but…



by the usual: mointoring scriptEditor history, w showAll.


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