constant spawning


Good evening

I am trying to create a scene where particles are spawned inside whichever part of an object is contained within a box.
So, if only a small part of the shape was inside the box, only that part would be spawning particles.

So far I can make this happen whenever a plane deflector hits the shape, but plane deflectors only pass the collision test when it touches, so I have to move my deflector back and forth continuously.

I have also tried to use a UOmniFlect and pick a box, but again, this only passes the test when the box outside touches a particle.

Does anyone have any idea’s?



Four events deal:

  1. Event01 constantly spawn particles with a Spawn operator. All new particles are sent to Event02.
  2. Event02 analyses if the incoming particles are inside/outside of the box. All particles inside the box are sent to Event03. The remaining particles are sent to Event04 where they are killed with a Delete operator. The inside/outside-of-the-box testing can be done either with a) Script Test; b) PFTools:Box#1 - Group Operators and Group Split; or c) PFTools:Box#3 Icon or Object or Geometry sub-operators.

Oleg B.

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