Connect all Objects with Spline


Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to connect all objects in a Null-Object with a spline. If I use the tracer and set it to “connect all objects”, it connects everything with one line. What i need is, to connect every object, with every other object. The image shows what i mean. Version 1 is what the tracer makes. Version 2 is what i need. Would be nice if it is also possible with Thinking Particles.

Thanks for your help.



This question’s been popping up fairly often…

Anyways, here’s the code that’ll handle child objects. Paste the script into a COFFEE tag attached to a Spline Object and it should work.

 var i, j, k, pointcount;
 i = 0;
 var a = op->GetDown();//count number of children
 while(a != NULL){
 	a = a->GetNext();
 //allocate array for coordinates
 pointcount = i;
 var pointadr = new(array, pointcount);
 a = op->GetDown();
 pointadr[0] = a->GetPosition();
 for(i = 1; i<pointcount; i++){//get coordinates of children
 	a = a->GetNext();
 	pointadr[i] = a->GetPosition();
 k = 0;//count number of splines needed
 for(i = 0; i<pointcount-1; i++){
 	for(j = i; j<pointcount-1; j++){
 var vc = new(VariableChanged);
 vc->Init(pointcount, k*2);//allocate points
 op->Message(MSG_POINTS_CHANGED, vc);
 vc->Init(op->GetSegmentCount(), k);//allocate segments
 op->Message(MSG_SEGMENTS_CHANGED, vc);
 print(k," ");
 var gg = op->GetSegmentCount();
 print(gg, " ");
 var segmentcount = new(array, k);
 for(i = 0; i < k; i++){
 	segmentcount[i] = 2;
 print(segmentcount[3], " ");
 print(op->SetSegments(segmentcount), " ");//assign 2 points per segment
 k = 0;// generate point pairs
 for(i = 0; i < pointcount; i++){
 	for(j = i; j < pointcount-1; j++){
 		op->SetPoint(k, pointadr[i]);
 		op->SetPoint(k, pointadr[j+1]);

Here’s a scene file that shows how it works.

I guess this can be further developed into a generator object much like the Mograph Tracer. Unfortunately I don’t have the time do make it, as I’m working on a few plugins at the moment.




Thank you very much. This is exactly what i was looking for.
Is there a simple way to make it work with thinking Particles? That would be great.

Thanks for your help.


It is doable, unfortunately I still haven’t touched particles with COFFEE or C++. I am trying to develop this into a true “Tracer Object” variant, but so far I’m only at the point where I can only use the coordinates of the objects in a List parameter. I’ve yet to implement using points from polygon and spline objects, and particles.


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